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Title 32 : Taxation and Finance


(Cite as: 32 V.S.A. § 10504)
  • § 10504. Hours worked by uncovered employees; calculation and reporting

    (a) Employers shall report to the Department of Taxes the number of hours worked by each uncovered employee on a return provided by the Department. The return shall be filed at the same time payment is required under subsection 10503(c) of this chapter, shall be filed electronically, and shall include any information required by the Commissioner.

    (b) Quarterly health care contributions shall be calculated in the following manner:

    (1) An employer shall divide the total hours worked by all uncovered employees during a quarter by 520, to represent one full-time equivalent employee. The employer shall then round the resulting number down to the nearest whole number and subtract four. The employer shall then multiply the resulting number by the amount established under subsection 10503(b) of this chapter to determine the amount of assessment due for the quarter.

    (A) For full-time salaried employees, employers shall use 520 hours a quarter for the total hours worked.

    (B) For all employees who worked more than 520 hours in a quarter, employers shall use 520 hours a quarter for the total hours worked.

    (2) The Commissioner shall provide an electronic declaration of health care coverage form for employers to collect the health coverage statuses of their employees for purposes of this assessment. The form shall preserve the confidentiality of the type of coverage possessed by the employee and the employer shall only use the form for purposes of this assessment.

    (A) An employer shall annually obtain a declaration of health care coverage from every employee who is not enrolled in a plan offered by the employer.

    (B) An employer shall maintain declarations of health care coverage for a minimum of three years in a manner reasonably available for review and audit.

    (C) Employees for whom no declaration of coverage is obtained shall be treated as uncovered.

    (c) In the case of an employee leasing agreement, leased employees shall be considered employees of a client company and not employees of an employee leasing company. (Added 2017, No. 73, § 16, eff. Jan. 1, 2018.)