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Searching 2019-2020 Session

State House Floor Maps

Vermont State House First Floor


1 Senate Judiciary Committee 16 Lt. Governor Staff
2 Sergeant At Arms 17 Senate Health & Welfare Committee
3 Senate Transportation Committee 24 Legislative Lounge (Old Supreme Court Chamber)
4 Senate Government Operations Committee 25 Copy Center
5 Senate Appropriations Committee 26 Senate Agriculture Committee
6 Senate Finance Committee 27 Senate Economic Development, Housing, & General Affairs
7 Senate Institutions Committee 28 Senate Education
8 Senate Natural Resources & Energy Committee 29 Capitol Police
9 Coatroom A Lobby
10 Small Hearing Room B Hall of Inscriptions (Lincoln Statue)
11 Large Hearing Room LC Legislative Council
13 President Pro Tempore of the Senate T Public Telephones
14 Lt. Governor (President of the Senate) M&W Rest Rooms



HOUSE House Chamber 33 House Corrections & Institutions Committee
SENATE Senate Chamber 34 House Ways & Means Committee
18 Secretary of the Senate 35 House Commerce & Economic Development Committee
19 Secretary of the Senate A House Vestibule (Hall of the Flags)
20 Senate Coatroom F Cedar Creek Room
21 Governor's Staff L Ethan Allen Room
22 Governor's Staff N State House Food Court (Abbey Group)
23 Governor's Office P Speaker of the House
30 House Judiciary Committee Q Clerk of the House
31 House Education Committee T Public Telephones

House Agriculture & Forestry Committee

M&W Rest Rooms
    EL Elevator




41 House Energy and Technology Committee 46 House Human Services Committee
42 House Appropriations Committee 47 House Natural Resources, Fish, & Wildlife Committee
43 House Transportation Committee 49 House Government Operations Committee
44 House General, Housing & Military Affairs Committee HOUSE House Chamber Balcony
45 House Health Care Committee SENATE Senate Chamber Balcony
    EL Elevator