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Searching 2021-2022 Session

State House Floor Maps

Vermont State House First Floor


1 Senate Judiciary Committee 16 Lt. Governor Staff
2 Sergeant At Arms 17 Senate Health & Welfare Committee
3 Senate Transportation Committee 24 Legislative Lounge (Old Supreme Court Chamber)
4 Senate Government Operations Committee 25 Copy Center
5 Senate Appropriations Committee 26 Senate Agriculture Committee
6 Senate Finance Committee 27 Senate Economic Development, Housing, & General Affairs
7 Senate Institutions Committee 28 Senate Education
8 Senate Natural Resources & Energy Committee 29 Capitol Police
9 Coatroom A Lobby
10 Small Hearing Room B Hall of Inscriptions (Lincoln Statue)
11 Large Hearing Room LC Legislative Council
13 President Pro Tempore of the Senate T Public Telephones
14 Lt. Governor (President of the Senate) M&W Rest Rooms



HOUSE House Chamber 33 House Corrections & Institutions Committee
SENATE Senate Chamber 34 House Ways & Means Committee
18 Secretary of the Senate 35 House Commerce & Economic Development Committee
19 Secretary of the Senate A House Vestibule (Hall of the Flags)
20 Senate Coatroom F Cedar Creek Room
21 Governor's Staff L Ethan Allen Room (House Natural Resources, Fish, & Wildlife Committee)
22 Governor's Staff N State House Food Court (Abbey Group)
23 Governor's Office P Speaker of the House
30 House Judiciary Committee Q Clerk of the House
31 House Education Committee T Public Telephones

House Agriculture & Forestry Committee

M&W Rest Rooms
    EL Elevator




41 House Energy and Technology Committee 46 House Human Services Committee
42 House Appropriations Committee 47 Conference Room
43 House Transportation Committee 49 House Government Operations Committee
44 House General, Housing & Military Affairs Committee HOUSE House Chamber Balcony
45 House Health Care Committee SENATE Senate Chamber Balcony
    EL Elevator