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Become a Legislative Page

Each year a small group of young Vermonters are selected to work as legislative pages in the Vermont State House. Pages deliver messages for the members of the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the various legislative offices.  Serving as a page offers a unique opportunity to observe the workings of the legislature and to witness firsthand the often historic events in Montpelier.

Many Vermont politicians, including members of the current legislature, got their start working as pages.  If you will be an eighth-grade student during the 2024-2025 school year, are interested in public affairs, and would like to serve as a legislative page, you and your parents must submit a cover letter with a completed application form and other supporting information to the Office of the Sergeant at Arms postmarked on or before September 30, 2024.  


Download Application Form



1.  A letter from you:

a. Telling us about yourself;
b. What you like to do;
c. What activities you are involved in; and
d. Why you would like to be a page.

2.  A letter from your principal. Your principal's letter should give permission for you to be out of school for a period of six weeks if you are selected. This letter MUST be included in your packet.

3.  The attached application signed and dated by you and one of your parents.

NOTE:  It is your responsibility to make sure the application packet is complete.

To be considered for the Page Program, your completed application must be POSTMARKED ON OR BEFORE SEPTEMBER 30, 2024.  All applicants who have completed their paperwork will be notified by November 4, 2024 whether or not they have been chosen to be a legislative page.

Between 125 and 150 applications are received each year, and only a small group of pages is chosen from these applications, so no one should be disappointed if he or she is not selected.  

Pages must be in the eighth grade the year that they serve.  Only one child per family is allowed to serve, as this gives more families a chance to participate in the program.

The pages are divided into three groups.  The first two groups each serve for a period of six weeks and the third group will serve for the remainder of the legislative session, which may end earlier than six weeks.  Successful applicants will be told in their acceptance letter which session they will serve as well as the date for orientation, which will be held at the State House. Applicants should be available to serve in any of the groups.  However, some accommodations can be made in scheduling.  If you will be unavailable for work for a given time frame, please bring this to our attention in your application, and we will make every effort to accommodate this request.  There will be NO switching sessions once pages have been chosen.  This is done to prevent having pages from the same area serving at the same time.

Page applicants and their parents should be aware that at various times sensitive issues may be debated on the House and Senate floor and in committee.  These issues can include, but are not limited to, sexual behavior, abortion, and criminal actions.  Many times, the discussion can include written documents or photographs.  Both you and your parents should be aware of these possibilities when applying to be a page in the Vermont Legislature.

Pages must have the ability to communicate with both members of the General Assembly and the general public.  Discipline is firm, but fair.  If pages fail to carry out their duties and conduct themselves with decorum befitting their position, they will be subject to dismissal.

All pages are provided with a green blazer and, if applicable, a necktie to wear.  Pages must wear a white shirt and grey dress pants.  Pages may wear grey skirts (knee length or longer).  All pages are required to wear black dress shoes.  Jewelry in good taste is permitted.

Pages are responsible for finding their own transportation to and from Montpelier, as well as finding housing in the area.  Pages receive a salary of $130.00 per week, plus $95.00 per week for those staying in Montpelier or $60.00 per week for those commuting to Montpelier.  

Pages begin their workday at 7:30 a.m. and work until 3:30 p.m. or later. Normally, the work week is Tuesday through Friday, but there are times when pages may have to work on Mondays and Saturdays.

These rules and regulations must be adhered to in order to assure the smooth running of the program.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to call:


Agatha Kessler, Sergeant at Arms
Sidney McLam, Assistant to the Sergeant at Arms
Telephone: 802-828-2228 or 1-800-322-5616

Submitting Your Application

Please complete and return your application, your letter, and letter of permission from your Principal postmarked on or before September 30, 2024.