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Title 24 Appendix : Municipal Charters


(Cite as: 24 App. V.S.A. ch. 261, § 15)
  • § 261-15. Further duties of auditor; police officers, how appointed and removed; their powers and duties

    The auditors shall not allow a claim or account for the personal service of a Village officer except when compensation for such service is fixed by law, or by a vote of the Village. The auditors shall include in their report to the Village a statement of the amount of such claims presented and disallowed, with the nature and extent of the services rendered for which such compensation was claimed. The said trustees shall have power to appoint police officers not exceeding five in number, by an instrument in writing under their hands, who shall be qualified by taking an oath that they shall faithfully perform their respective duties as such police officers, which instrument of appointment shall be recorded by and in the office of the Clerk of said Village; but such appointment may be revoked by a majority of said trustees in their discretion, which revocation shall also be in writing and recorded by said Clerk. Such police officers shall by virtue of said appointment be informing officers, constables, and conservators of the peace within said Village, may serve any criminal process returnable within said Village, and upon view of any violation of this charter, the provisions thereof, or of any bylaw of said corporation within the limits of said Village, may arrest the offender forthwith and without warrant for that purpose, and carry such offender before any justice of the peace to answer complaint therefor, and may make complaint on oath in the name of such corporation against such offender, and upon the trial of such complaint shall be a competent witness; provided that if any such police officer shall so arrest any such offender, the police officer may commit the offender to the Village lockup or otherwise detain the offender in safe custody not exceeding 24 hours, at the end of which time the offender shall be discharged, unless previously taken before some justice of the peace to answer to the offence for which the offender was arrested; provided further, however, that if such arrest shall be made between sunset of Saturday and sunrise of the following morning such offender may be retained in safe custody until the next following Monday morning; and for such arrest and the services connected therewith, such police officer shall receive the same fees as sheriffs or constables are entitled to for the same or similar services. (Added 1892, No. 114, § 15.)