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Title 24 Appendix : Municipal Charters



(Cite as: 24 App. V.S.A. ch. 253, § 13)
  • § 253-13. Fire Warden

    The fire wardens of the Village shall be present at all fires, having some distinguishing badge, fixed upon by the corporation; and the wardens, in time of fire, are hereby empowered to demand reasonable assistance from the inhabitants of the Village or any of them, and all persons who may be present at such times are hereby required to assist in extinguishing and preventing the spreading of such fire, and to remove goods and effects out of any house or other building endangered by such fire; and the majority of the fire wardens present at any fire are hereby further empowered to cause to be pulled down or removed such buildings as they may think necessary for the purpose of preventing the progress or spreading of the fire, and for that purpose may command the assistance of any person in the Village; they are also empowered, by force if necessary, to suppress any tumults and disorders at the fire, and all persons present are required to yield strict obedience to the wardens and all orders given by them; and if any person shall neglect or refuse to obey the orders of the fire wardens or either of them, in time of fire in the Village, in any manner authorized in this act, such offender shall, upon conviction before any justice of the peace, forfeit and pay a fine not exceeding $50.00, with costs of prosecution, to the Treasurer of the corporation.