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The Vermont Statutes Online

Title 24 Appendix : Municipal Charters


Subchapter 016 : EFFECT OF CHARTER

(Cite as: 24 App. V.S.A. ch. 247, § 1601)
  • § 247-1601. Effect of charter

    Nothing herein contained, except as specifically provided, shall affect or impair the rights or privileges of officers of the Village existing at the time the charter takes effect.

    All persons holding offices at the time this charter takes effect shall continue in office and in the performance of their duties until provision has been made in accordance with the charter for the continued performance or discontinuance of such duties.

    The powers conferred and the duties imposed on any office shall, if such office is abolished by this charter, or under its authority, be thereafter exercised by the office designated in the charter.

    All boards and commissions heretofore existing shall continue and shall exercise such powers and duties as were granted therein until such boards or commissions are changed or abolished as provided in this charter.

    All records, property, and equipment whatsoever of any office, the power and duties of which are reassigned, shall be transferred and delivered to the office to which such powers and duties are so reassigned.

    All contracts entered into by the Village prior to the effective date of this charter shall continue in full force and effect.

    The adoption of this charter shall not abate or otherwise affect any action or proceeding, civil or criminal, pending when it takes full effect, brought by or against the Village or any office or officer thereof.

    All ordinances, resolutions, and regulations of the Village in force at the time of the effective date of this charter, and not inconsistent with the provisions thereof, are hereby continued in force until the same are duly amended or repealed.

    This charter or any part or article or section thereof, may be amended in the manner provided by the laws of the State of Vermont.