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The Vermont Statutes Online


Title 24 Appendix : Municipal Charters


(Cite as: 24 App. V.S.A. ch. 239, § 1)
  • § 1. Village boundaries and establishment of body politic

    All estate in the Town of Manchester, included in the following boundaries, is hereby incorporated and shall hereafter be known as the Village of Manchester:

    (1) Being all that part of the Town of Manchester in the County of Bennington, contained within the bounds of Fire District Number Two as originally laid out and established by the Selectboard of the Town of Manchester in 1878, and recorded in volume 19, pages 505 and 506 of the land records of the Town; and also lands added and included within the limits of the Village in addition to limits specified in a former charter of the Village, being No. 182 of the Acts of 1900, and described in the minutes of meetings of the Village as follows: One hundred eleven acres of land of Robert T. Lincoln included in the Village limits by a vote at a Village meeting on January 2, 1905 as described in a plot on file in the Village records.

    (2) Farms of Fred E. Fish and E.A. Wilcox lying west of the Battenkill River, included in the Village limits by vote of a Village meeting held on August 25, 1902.

    (3) Lands of R.D. Brown, C.F. Orvis, W.G. Beebe, A.L. Mosley, R.E. Way, Nathan Cook, and C.L. Towsley included in the Village limits by vote of a Village meeting held on June 25, 1906.

    (4) The inhabitants within the bounds are constituted a body politic and corporate with all of the usual powers incident to public corporations, to be known by the name of the Village of Manchester. (Added 1943, No. 183, § 1.)