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Title 24 Appendix : Municipal Charters



(Cite as: 24 App. V.S.A. ch. 217, § 101)
  • § 217-101. Boundaries and corporate existence

    All that portion of the Town of Derby in the County of Orleans, enclosed within the following boundaries, to wit:

    Beginning at the national boundary line post on the highway leading from A. P. Ball's to Hiram Todd's and thence along said boundary line easterly to a point that intersects with a continuation of the easterly line of land owned by H. D. Holmes, thence southerly along said continuation of, and the said easterly line of said Holmes' land, to the southeast corner of said land, thence west following the south line of the said Holmes' land, to the highway leading to the farm now owned by Asa Moran, across said highway to the pasture owned by the A. T. Foster estate and following the east line of said pasture to the northeast corner of land owned by H. E. Foster, thence along the east line of said Foster land to the southeast corner of said land; thence westerly on the south line of said Foster's and along the south line of land now owned by F. D. Butterfield to the highway leading from Derby Line to Derby Center; thence across said highway to the line of road leading west, known as "Hammer Handle Road" along the south lines of land owned by William Spaulding, A. B. Nelson, H. E. Foster, and A. G. Bugbee to southwest corner of said A. G. Bugbee's land; thence along the west line of land owned by the said Bugbee and land owned by Henry E. Foster, northerly to said Foster's northwest corner; thence easterly from said point to the southwest corner of land owned by J. B. Goodhue; thence northerly and on said Goodhue's west line to the highway leading from Mrs. H. H. Leslie's farm to Derby Line; thence along the highway in an easterly direction to a point opposite H. D. Holmes' west line; thence across said highway and on said Holmes' west line to his northwest corner; thence across the Tomiphobia River to land owned by Connecticut and Passumpsic R. R. R. Co., or by Massawippi Valley R. R. Co.; thence in a westerly direction along said river to a point where it intersects the national boundary line; thence in an easterly direction along said boundary line to the place begun at, shall be known as the Village of Derby Line, and in and by that name may sue and be sued, prosecute, and defend in any court, may purchase, take, hold, sell, and convey real estate and personal property necessary for its corporate purposes, and shall have all the rights and privileges and be subject to all the liabilities incident to public corporation.