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The Vermont Statutes Online


Title 24 Appendix : Municipal Charters

Chapter 007 : CITY OF NEWPORT

(Cite as: 24 App. V.S.A. ch. 7, § 3)
  • § 7-3. City boundaries and corporate powers

    The inhabitants of that portion of the Towns of Newport and Derby included within the following boundaries, to wit: Beginning at the southeast corner of land of J. C. Roby, and southwest corner of land of William Buck in the Town of Derby on the north line of the Town of Coventry, and following the lot line between the lands of the said Roby and said Buck northerly, which said lot line is the easterly line of the new municipality, and continuing that line between the lands of the following persons: E. Miller, Fred Blake, Will Halley, Frank O. Hill, J. H. Gaines, Will Rann, Charles Lemorey, Henry Lahar, and Mrs. Benj. Hinman, on the westerly side of said lot line, and A. R. Hudon and wife, Theophile Meoykins, and Isaac Labounty on the easterly side of said lot line follow said lot line to a point which is N. latitude 44 degrees 55’ 56" and W. longitude 72 degrees 11’ 46" and 467 feet southerly of the southerly boundary of Pine Hill road so-called; thence S. 81 degrees E. following the present New England Telephone & Telegraph Company's trunk line 506 feet to an iron pin corner at an angle in said telephone line; thence N. 40 degrees E. 160 feet to the southerly line of said Pine Hill road; thence following the Pine Hill Road southeasterly on the southerly side thereof until it strikes the land owned by Mrs. Hitchcock on the northerly side of said road and following the southerly line of the Charles Noyes Farm and the southerly line of the Frank Hayward farm to the southeasterly corner of the said Hayward Farm where it strikes the road to Arnold's Mills, so called; thence following said road on the easterly side thereof northerly across Clyde River to Clyde Street; thence following Clyde Street on the northerly side thereof westerly to the east line of Dr. George F. Adams' land; thence northerly on said Adams' east line and on the east line of land owned by Aaron Grout to the road running from Derby Center to West Derby village; thence following said Derby Center Road on the northerly edge thereof to the east line of land owned by Fortunat Dubuc and wife and known as the Colby farm thence northerly on the east line to the northeast corner of said farm; thence following westerly on the north line of said farm to the north line of the present village of West Derby; thence following said village line westerly to Sias Avenue, or Beebe Road, so called, following said Sias Avenue northerly on the westerly side thereof to Austin Beebe's north line; thence westerly following Austin Beebe's north line to Elijah Leavitt's east line; thence northerly following Elijah Leavitt's east line to the road that runs from Sias Avenue to the railroad track, following said road a few rods on the northerly side thereof to the east line of the farm owned by Charles and Myrtie A. Marsh, on the north side of said road; thence following the east line of said Marsh Farm to its northeast corner; thence westerly following its north line to the railroad right of way; thence following said right of way on the easterly side thereof to the railroad culvert (No. 91) crossing what is known as Meadow Brook; thence following said brook to the shore of Lake Memphremagog, following the shore of Lake Memphremagog southwesterly to Indian Point near the cottage now owned by Charles F. Bigelow, and including in the limits of the City Horse Neck Island, which lies a few rods from the said lake shore and is owned by F. E. Miles; thence westerly across the lake from Indian Point in a straight line to the northeast corner of the farm formerly owned and occupied by Tarrant S. Cummings and now owned by Joseph Bouchard; thence westerly on said Bouchard's north line to the easterly side of the poor farm road; thence southerly on the easterly side of said road to the south line of said Bouchard's Farm; thence easterly to William Hyer's west line; thence southerly on the west lines of lands owned by said Hyer, Richmond and son and Arthur Wells to the west line of land owned by O. D. Hancock; thence southerly on said Hancock's west line and in a straight line to the Coventry Town line; thence following said Coventry Town line to the point begun at in Derby, are hereby incorporated and made a body corporate and politic under the name of the City of Newport, and by that name may sue and be sued, prosecute and defend in any court, may have a common seal and alter it at pleasure, may take, hold, purchase, and convey such property, real and personal, as the purposes of the corporation may require, may borrow money on the credit of the City in the mode and under the restrictions hereinafter provided, may elect a representative to the General Assembly and the same number of justices of the peace as a town of equal population may elect, shall exercise and enjoy all such rights, immunities, powers and privileges as are conferred upon or are incident to towns in this State and shall be subject to like duties, liabilities, and obligations, except as otherwise provided in this charter.