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Title 24 Appendix : Municipal Charters


(Cite as: 24 App. V.S.A. ch. 283, § 10)
  • § 283-10. Powers of Village

    The Village of Waterbury shall have and exercise the following powers and functions:

    (1) To be a body corporate and by that name to sue and be sued and prosecute and defend in any court; to have a common seal and alter it at pleasure.

    (2) To have and organize a government; to fix and provide for the compensation of its officers.

    (3) To acquire and hold real or personal property for municipal uses and purposes by gift, purchase, or otherwise and to dispose of the same.

    (4) To acquire, establish, and maintain parks and playgrounds.

    (5) To acquire by gift or purchase or to erect and maintain any buildings or other improvements necessary for public use.

    (6) To acquire, establish, and maintain a lighting system or systems for furnishing electricity or gas for any kinds of light for lighting the streets or other municipal uses and light, heat, and power for domestic uses and manufacturing purposes; to enlarge and extend the system from time to time as may be required; and to make contracts with individuals or corporations for supplying such light, heat, and power for such uses; to purchase electric current from any individuals or corporations for the purpose of lighting the streets and other municipal uses and for the purpose of selling the same for light, heat, and power for domestic uses or manufacturing purposes to such persons and corporations as it may desire.

    (7) [Repealed.]

    (8) To regulate the making, alteration, and repair of stove pipes, furnaces, fireplaces, and other things from which damage by fire may be apprehended, and in general to provide for the preservation of buildings and property from fire by precautionary measures and inspection.

    (9) To maintain, keep in repair, and embellish the present streets and highways within the limits of the Village, to establish grades thereof and to widen the existing streets and sidewalks of the Village.

    (10) To build, construct, or repair sidewalks, curbs, and gutters of the Village.

    (11) [Repealed.]

    (12) To provide a supply of water for protection of the Village against fire and for the use of the inhabitants of the Village, and for other purposes: to establish, increase, maintain, and repair reservoirs, aqueducts, water pipes, pipe lines, and other necessary apparatus for and in connection with such water supply; to preserve, protect, maintain, and operate the same; and in the exercise of such powers the Village may take and hold by purchase or otherwise, within or without its corporate limits, ponds, springs, streams, water sources, water rights, and lands of individuals, associations, or corporations, and divert water from natural channels into its water supply, on making compensation therefor. But the Village shall not take, otherwise than by gift, devise, or purchase, water or a spring of water which the owner, lessee, or other person having a vested right or interest therein, or in the use thereof, may reasonably require for domestic or agricultural purposes or for watering stock. In taking lands, springs, streams, ponds, water sources, and the water thereof or water rights and diverting water from natural channels into its water supply, for the purposes of establishing, increasing, maintaining, and repairing reservoirs, aqueducts, water pipes, pipe lines, and other necessary apparatus for and in connection with its water supply, and for the purpose of increasing and making additions to the same and for the preservation, protection, maintenance, and operation of the same or any other purposes specified herein, the trustees of the Village shall proceed in the manner specified in subdivision (18) of this subsection. The Village in its corporate capacity is hereby authorized to sell and deliver water from said water system to such of the inhabitants of the Towns of Waterbury, Moretown, and Duxbury as may desire it.

    (13) To maintain and keep in repair its present system of sewers, to make extensions or renewals of the same and to construct new sewers as the public good may require.

    (14) In making, altering, or repairing sidewalks, culverts, drains, and sewers, subject to the ordinances and bylaws of the Village, to assess the owners of buildings and lands benefited thereby so much of the expense as the Village trustees shall judge such buildings or lands to be benefited.

    (15) To provide and regulate for the collection and disposition of garbage.

    (16) To establish and maintain a police department and provide for the appointment of police officers who shall be sworn and who shall, within the limits of such Village, have the right to arrest without warrant, persons violating the criminal laws of the State.

    (17) To borrow money to an amount not exceeding the limits presented by law, and to issue notes, bonds, or other evidence of indebtedness therefor, to pay its expenses and refund its indebtedness or to improve, purchase, or construct any buildings, works, plants, highways, sidewalks, sewers, water systems, or other public utilities or properties acquired, established, constructed, maintained, or exercised in the proper discharge of its functions herein provided.

    (18) To take, wherever necessary to the exercise of the powers herein granted, and when the public good and necessity require, the land, premises, rights-of-way or access, or gravel or stone therein, of any person, persons, association, or corporation upon paying proper compensation therefor in the manner now provided by law. When, in the judgment of the trustees, it shall be necessary to take such lands or any right therein belonging to any person, persons, association, or corporation for such purposes, said trustees shall fix a time and place for a hearing upon the question of public necessity and damages, and shall give twelve days' notice in writing to all parties interested in such lands or rights therein, of the time and place of such hearing. Any person owning such lands or rights therein, who is dissatisfied with the decision of the trustees upon the question of public necessity and convenience of such taking, or upon the damages awarded therefor, may have the same right of appeal to the county court and the same proceedings in respect thereto, which shall be conducted in the same manner and have the same effect as in the case of lands taken by the selectmen in any town in this State for the purpose of laying out, altering, or resurveying a highway in said town; but if such proceedings are instituted only in respect to the appraisal of damages for such lands or rights therein so taken by the trustees, such proceedings shall not prevent such Village from immediately taking and using such lands or rights therein as if no such proceedings had been instituted.

    (19) To regulate, license, tax, and prohibit the exhibition of common showmen, circuses, menageries, moving picture shows, and shows of every kind not prohibited by law, and all public plays, exhibitions, entertainments, or dance halls.

    (20) To regulate the erection of buildings and to regulate the use of buildings in crowded localities for hazardous purposes.

    (21) To regulate the manufacture and keeping of gunpowder and all other combustibles of dangerous nature.

    (22) To regulate the speed of cars operated by electricity and regulate the riding or driving of horses, teams, or bicycles and the operation and use of automobiles or other vehicles and to regulate porters, truckmen, and car men; to restrain or regulate coasting, ball playing, or other sports in or upon the streets, sidewalks, parks, or commons.

    (23) To restrain the running at large of domestic animals and fowls and regulate the manner of their keeping.

    (24) To compel all persons to remove from the sidewalks and gutters in front of the premises owned or occupied by them all dirt and garbage and keep such sidewalks and gutters clean. To compel the owner or keeper of any unwholesome or offensive place to remove or cleanse the same from time to time as may be necessary for the health and comfort of the inhabitants of the Village.

    (25) To license innkeepers and victualers, keepers of billiard and pool rooms, and other saloons; peddlers, itinerant vendors, and auctioneers and to establish for the purpose of regulation or revenue a system of licenses and to fix the fees therefor.

    (26) To regulate or restrain the use of rockets, firecrackers, squibs, toy pistols, or other fireworks.

    (27) To establish and regulate a public market.

    (28) To abate nuisances.

    (29) To establish and maintain a wood, coal, and fuel yard, for the purpose of selling at cost, fuel to the inhabitants of the Village and to establish and maintain an ice-plant for the purpose of manufacturing, cutting, and storing ice to sell to its inhabitants at cost.

    (30) To erect and regulate hay scales.

    (31) To prevent cruelty to animals within the Village.

    (32) To license taxis and jitneys and to establish for the purpose of regulation or revenue a system of licenses for the same and fix the fees therefor. (Amended 2007, No. M-18 (Adj. Sess.), § 3, eff. Jan. 1, 2009.)