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Title 24 Appendix : Municipal Charters



(Cite as: 24 App. V.S.A. ch. 213, § 46)
  • § 213-46. Water pipes

    The Village is hereby empowered to take in addition to the water rights already owned or acquired by the Village, the water of any fountain, springs, ponds, or streams for the purpose of affording the Village or any of the inhabitants of the Town of Cambridge water for domestic or other purposes, and may acquire the same by purchase or by right of eminent domain and in like manner may take and hold such real estate as may be necessary for preventing the pollution of the water supply of the Village; provided that the Village shall not take water, or a supply thereof, so as to deprive an owner of water of an amount sufficient for domestic or agricultural uses without the owner's consent. The Village for the purposes aforesaid may enter upon and use any land and enclosures over or through which it may be necessary for an aqueduct or pipes to pass and may thereon dig, place, lay, and construct such pipes, aqueducts, reservoirs, appurtenances, and connections and repair the same from time to time, may lay water pipes, within the limits of the Village, and for that purpose may enter upon the lands of any landowner in the Village, and lay and maintain water pipes through such land, and repair the same when necessary, upon payment or tender of payment of such compensation as damages therefor as the trustees shall award to the landowner, and to any tenant or occupant of the land to the amount that the interests are affected thereby. Any party aggrieved shall be entitled to the same redress as is provided in the case of the taking of land by the selectboard for highway purposes. The Village may borrow such sums of money to defray the expenses of such water supply as it may by vote determine, and for that purpose, issue its negotiable notes or bonds on such terms and in such manner as the corporation may prescribe, the notes or bonds shall on their face state for what-purpose they were issued and be signed by the trustees and Treasurer of the Village.