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Title 24 Appendix : Municipal Charters



(Cite as: 24 App. V.S.A. ch. 149, § 7)
  • § 149-7. Potential or actual conflict of interest; personal financial interest

    (a) At a meeting, no elective or appointive officer, acting in an official capacity, or employee of the Town, while engaged in his or her duties, shall raise the issue of, place on the agenda, participate in a discussion of, or take part in a discussion concerning any business of the Town relating to his/her business or personal financial interests, or those of a spouse, be they direct or indirect, to the degree that said interests exceed those of taxpayers generally.

    (b) Personal and business interests shall include direct or indirect ownership of land, stock, property, materials, supplies or services.

    (c) Discussions of salary and benefits shall be exempt from this prohibition.

    (d) Any officer or employee having such an interest shall immediately make said interest known publicly.

    (e) Any officer who willfully conceals such an interest, or willfully violates any requirement of this section shall forfeit said office or position, as provided under subdivision 23(b)(8)(B) of this charter.

    (f) Any contract, sale, or action taken in violation of this section shall be voidable by the Board of Selectmen.

    (g) Officers of the Town may buy; sell goods and services from; to the Town subject to the restrictions above, provided said procurement is done competitively in accordance with the procurement ordinance.

    (h) The Board of Selectmen may require public disclosure of assets or financial interest, in a form they may prescribe, of any elected or appointed official as part of an investigation into matters of conflict of interest, or for the purposes of general investigation. Failure to disclose or incomplete or falsified disclosure may be cause for removal as provided under subdivision 23(b)(8)(B) of this charter.

    (i) No officer shall devote any Town property or labor to private use, except as may be provided by law or ordinance.