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The Vermont Statutes Online


Title 24 Appendix : Municipal Charters

Chapter 123 : TOWN OF HARDWICK


(Cite as: 24 App. V.S.A. ch. 123, § 107)
  • § 123-107. Ordinances; adoption by selectmen

    (a) If the selectmen desire to adopt an ordinance, they shall cause it to be entered in the official record kept of their proceedings, and thereafter, they shall adopt it subject to final approval after the public hearing as here-after set forth. The ordinance shall then be posted in three public places within the Town and published by title and summary setting forth the subject matter, effective date, and penalty for violation thereof in a newspaper of general circulation in the Town, together with a notice of the time and place of a public hearing to consider the ordinance for final passage, such publication and posting to be on a day at least one week and not more than two weeks prior to the hearing.

    (b) At the public hearing or at any time and place to which the hearing may be adjourned, the ordinance shall be read in full, unless the Board of Selectmen elect to read the ordinance by title. After such a reading all persons interested shall be given an opportunity to be heard.

    (c) After the public hearing, the selectmen may finally adopt the ordinance, with or without amendment. If they amend the ordinance prior to passage, they shall cause the amended ordinance to be entered in the official record of their proceedings, and shall also cause notice of the amended and passed ordinance to be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Town on a day not more than 14 days after adoption.

    (d) Every ordinance shall become effective 60 days after adoption, unless the selectmen specify a longer period or if the ordinance is conditioned on approval by voters of the Town, then upon such voter approval. If within 30 days of the adoption, a petition for reconsideration and repeal is filed, the ordinance shall not become effective until after the question of reconsideration and repeal is voted.

    (e) The Town Clerk shall prepare and keep in the Town Clerk's office and the Town Manager's office a book of ordinances, which shall contain each Town ordinance, together with a complete index of the ordinances according to subject matter. Failure to comply with this provision shall not invalidate any Town ordinance lawfully passed or heretofore adopted.