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The Vermont Statutes Online


Title 24 Appendix : Municipal Charters

Chapter 111 : TOWN OF CHESTER


(Cite as: 24 App. V.S.A. ch. 111, § 305)
  • § 111-305. Parking ordinances

    (a) Any person who has violated any ordinance which regulates, restricts, or defines the time or place of parking vehicles in the Town of Chester and who has not been convicted of any such offense more than once prior thereto in the same calendar year may, within three days from date of such violation, by a statement signed by the person, admit such violation and may waive the issuing of any process and a trial by jury or hearing, and may voluntarily pay to the Windsor Municipal Court, or a justice of the peace, the penalty herein prescribed; provided, however, that whenever, in the opinion of the court, or such justice, the gravity of the offense requires a fine in excess of the above penalty, such court, or justice, may refuse to accept such signed statement and penalty, and may order that the offender be proceeded against in the manner prescribed by law. In such event, the penalty shall be returned to the offender and the signed statement shall not be considered as an admission or used as evidence in any trial in any court in this State.

    (b) The said court, or such justice, shall treat such signed statement, if accompanied by the penalty herein prescribed as a plea of guilty, and shall make such entry in its records. No costs, fees, or further charges shall be assessed against any person so admitting a violation of said parking ordinances or shall be allowed or paid to any officer or person because of such violations, but such penalty shall be accepted by said court, or such justice, in full discharge of the criminal liability of such person caused by such violation.

    (c) Such court, or such justice, shall retain the above signed statements for a period of two years from the date thereof, and shall keep a separate record, available to the public at any reasonable time, of all money collected and all other official acts done in connection herewith.

    (d) The penalty which may be so voluntarily paid by any person so violating any ordinance regulating, restricting, or defining the time or place of parking vehicles in the Town of Chester, shall be $1.00 for the first violation in any calendar year and $2.00 for the second violation in any calendar year. Other violations of Town ordinances shall be punished in the manner prescribed by law.

    (e) All money so collected by the said court, or by such justice, shall be turned over to the Treasurer of the Town of Chester, at the time when fines and costs collected for violations of other Town ordinances are paid to such Treasurer.