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The Vermont Statutes Online


Title 24 Appendix : Municipal Charters



(Cite as: 24 App. V.S.A. ch. 3, § 192)
  • § 192. Authority to appoint; defined; powers

    (a) In addition to the regular police force hereinbefore provided for, the Chief, with the approval of the Board of Police Commissioners, may appoint for a term not to exceed one year such limited and special police officers as he or she may consider desirable. Such appointments shall be revocable by the Chief, without cause, with the approval of said Board.

    (b) The term “limited police officer” shall be construed to mean police officers appointed upon request for the protection of private property, and their appointment shall restrict their powers to a jurisdiction described as on or about designated premises. Limited police officers shall receive no pay from the City. The term “special police officer” shall be construed to mean police officers appointed for special public service. A special police officer shall have the same general powers and authority as a regular police officer, and may receive pay from the City according to the service performed by him or her, except that he or she shall not receive pay for more than 90 days’ service during any one fiscal year of the City unless he or she shall have been subject to the same conditions of appointment as are herein provided for regular police officers, or unless there shall exist a shortage of regular members of the police force and a lack of qualified applicants for appointment thereto.