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Title 24 : Municipal and County Government


(Cite as: 24 V.S.A. § 3354)
  • § 3354. Changes in membership-Inclusion of additional towns

    (a) When a majority of voters of a town, present and voting at a meeting duly warned for that purpose, shall vote to apply to a consolidated water district for admission as a member of such district, such vote shall thereupon be certified by the clerk of the town to the clerk of the consolidated water district and to the secretary of state. Such vote and certification if accepted by the consolidated district within two years after the date of said vote shall be binding on said town without the subsequent vote in the town contemplated in subsections (b) and (c) of this section.

    (b) When it appears to the board of water commissioners that the boundaries of such consolidated water district should be changed to include another town, they may insert an article fully describing the proposed change in the warning for a regular or special meeting of the district, which proposed change shall state the number of additional members to be added to the board of water commissioners if such change is approved.

    (c) When a majority of the voters voting at such meeting vote to include an additional town within the boundaries of the consolidated water district as a member thereof, the board of water commissioners shall notify the legislative body of such additional town of such vote. Thereupon the legislative body of the additional town proposed to be included shall duly warn a meeting thereof, setting forth in such warning the vote of the consolidated water district and the proposed change in its boundaries. If a majority of the voters voting at the meeting of the additional town vote to be included within the district, the result of such vote and the result of the vote already taken by the consolidated water district shall be certified to the secretary of state, who shall record the same in his or her office. A certificate of such record shall immediately be filed by the secretary of state in the office of the clerk of the consolidated water district and of any additional town to be included therein as a member thereof, which filing shall be notice to all parties of such addition to the consolidated district.

    (d) Said consolidated water district as so enlarged shall thereupon have all the powers and responsibilities given it by this subchapter. Any vacancy on the board of water commissioners created as a result of the increase in the number thereof shall be filled as provided in section 3343 of this title. The additional member town shall share in the expenses of the district in the proportion provided in this subchapter for other member towns from the date the certificate of the secretary of state is filed in the office of the clerk of the district and the office of the clerk of such additional town. (1964, No. 20 (Sp. Sess.), § 14, eff. March 10, 1964; amended 1967, No. 209, § 6, eff. April 17, 1967.)