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The Vermont Statutes Online

Title 16 : Education


Subchapter 001 : TERMS OF COMPACT

(Cite as: 16 V.S.A. § 2695)
  • § 2695. General powers of board; contracts-Article V

    The board shall have the power to: (1) collect, correlate, and evaluate data in the fields of its interest under this compact; to publish reports, bulletins and other documents making available the results of its research; and, in its discretion, to charge fees for said reports, bulletins and documents; (2) enter into such contractual agreements or arrangements with any of the compacting states or agencies thereof and with educational institutions and agencies as may be required in the judgment of the board to provide adequate services and facilities in educational fields covered by this compact; provided, that it shall be the policy of the board in the negotiation of its agreements to serve increased numbers of students from the compacting states through arrangements with then existing institutions, whenever in the judgment of the board adequate service can be so secured in the New England region. Each of the compacting states shall contribute funds to carry out the contracts of the board on the basis of the number of students from such state for whom the board may contract. Contributions shall be at the rate determined by the board in each educational field. Except in those instances where the board by specific action allocates funds available to it under Article VII hereof, the board's authority to enter into such contracts shall be only upon appropriation of funds by the compacting states. Any contract entered into shall be in accordance with rules and regulations promulgated by the board and in accordance with the laws of the compacting states.