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The Vermont Statutes Online

Title 16 : Education


Subchapter 002 : BARGAINING AGENT

(Cite as: 16 V.S.A. § 1992)
  • § 1992. Referendum procedure for representation

    (a) An organization purporting to represent a majority of all of the teachers or administrators employed by the school board may be recognized by the school board without the necessity of a referendum upon the submission of a petition bearing the valid signatures of a majority of the teachers or administrators employed by that school board. Within 15 days after receiving the petition the school board shall notify the teachers or administrators of the school district in writing of its intention to either require or waive a secret ballot referendum. If the school board gives notice of its intention to waive a referendum and recognize an organization, 10 percent of the teachers or administrators employed by the school board may submit a petition within 15 days thereafter, objecting to the granting or recognition without a referendum, in which event a secret ballot referendum shall be held in the district for the purpose of choosing an exclusive representative according to the guidelines for referendum contained in this legislation.

    (b) Recognition granted to a negotiating unit as exclusive representative shall be valid and not subject to challenge by referendum petition or otherwise for the remainder of the fiscal year in which recognition is granted and for an additional period of 12 months after final adoption of the budget for the succeeding fiscal year and shall continue thereafter until a new referendum is called for.

    (c) A secret ballot referendum shall be held any time that 20 percent of the teachers or administrators employed by the school board present a petition requesting a referendum on the matter of representation, except during a period of prior recognition, as hereinbefore provided. Any organization interested in representing teachers or administrators in the school district shall have the right to appear on the ballot by submitting a petition supported by ten percent or more of the teachers or administrators in the school district.

    (d) In the interest of expediting the referendum and minimizing the cost thereof, the petitioning party or parties and the school board may agree together to conduct cooperatively the referendum themselves. Alternatively, the parties may select an impartial person or agency to conduct or aid in the conducting of the referendum. Failing agreement among all interested parties on the conduct of the referendum, any of the petitioning parties or the school board may request that the referendum be conducted with the aid and assistance of the American Arbitration Association or its designee. The American Arbitration Association or its designee shall have the responsibility for making decisions on any and all matters in dispute regarding the mechanics of the referendum, eligibility and other necessary decisions relating to the conduct of the referendum.

    (e) All costs incurred in conducting the referendum shall be borne jointly by the school board and the petitioners.

    (f) The ballot used in any referendum shall include "no representation" among the choices. The organization designated by the majority of the votes cast shall be the negotiating representative. If the majority is "no representation," then the school board may not recognize any representative for at least 12 months thereafter. If no choice receives a majority vote, then a run-off referendum shall be conducted among the two choices receiving the greatest number of votes. (Added 1969, No. 127, § 2, eff. Sept. 1, 1969.)