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Title 10 : Conservation and Development



(Cite as: 10 V.S.A. § 7702)
  • § 7702. Definitions

    As used in this chapter:

    (1) “Adjoining property owner” means a person who owns land in fee simple, if that land:

    (A) shares a property boundary with a tract of land where proposed or actual activity regulated by the Department is located; or

    (B) is adjacent to a tract of land where such activity is located and the two properties are separated only by a river, stream, or public highway.

    (2) “Administrative amendment” means an amendment to an individual permit, general permit, or notice of intent under a general permit that corrects typographical errors, changes the name or mailing address of a permittee, authorizes a transfer of a permit when authorized under rule, or makes other similar changes to a permit that do not require technical review of the permitted activity or the imposition of new conditions or requirements.

    (3) “Administrative record” means the application and any supporting data furnished by the applicant; all information submitted by the applicant during the course of reviewing the application; the draft permit or notice of intent to deny the application; the fact sheet and all documents cited in the fact sheet, if applicable; all comments received during the public comment period; the recording or transcript of any public meeting or meetings held; any written material submitted at a public meeting; the response to comments; the final permit; any document used as a basis for the final decision; and any other documents contained in the permit file.

    (4) “Administratively complete application” means an application for a permit for which all initially required documentation has been submitted, and any required permit fee, and the information submitted initially addresses all application requirements but has not yet been subjected to a complete technical review.

    (5) “Agency” means the Agency of Natural Resources.

    (6) “Clean Air Act” means the federal statutes on air pollution prevention and control, 42 U.S.C. § 7401 et seq.

    (7) “Clean Water Act” means the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, 33 U.S.C. § 1251 et seq.

    (8) “Commissioner” means the Commissioner of Environmental Conservation or the Commissioner’s designee.

    (9) “Department” means the Department of Environmental Conservation.

    (10) “Document” means any written or recorded information, regardless of physical form or characteristics, that the Department produces or acquires in the course of reviewing an application for a permit.

    (11) “Environmental notice bulletin” or “bulletin” means the website and e-mail notification system required by 3 V.S.A. § 2826.

    (12) “Fact sheet” means a document that briefly sets forth the principal facts and the significant factual, legal, methodological, and policy questions considered in preparing a draft decision.

    (13) “General permit” means a permit that applies to a class or category of discharges, emissions, disposal, facilities, or activities within a common geographic area, including the entire State or a region of the State.

    (14) “Individual permit” means a permit that authorizes a specific discharge, emission, disposal, facility, or activity that contains terms and conditions that are specific to the discharge, emission, disposal, facility, or activity.

    (15) “Major amendment” means an amendment to an individual permit or notice of intent under a general permit that necessitates technical review.

    (16) “Minor amendment” means an amendment to an individual permit or notice of intent under a general permit that requires a change in a condition or requirement, does not necessitate technical review, and is not an administrative amendment.

    (17) “Notice of intent under a general permit” means an authorization issued by the Secretary to undertake an action authorized by a general permit.

    (18) “Permit” includes any permit, certification, license, registration, determination, or similar form of permission required from the Department by law. However, the term excludes a professional license issued pursuant to chapter 48, subchapter 3 (licensing of well drillers) of this title and sections 1674 (water supply operators), 1936 (UST inspector licenses), 6607 (hazardous waste transporters), and 6607a (waste transportation) of this title.

    (19) “Person” shall have the same meaning as under section 8502 of this title.

    (20) “Person to whom notice is federally required” means a person to whom notice of an application or draft decision must be given under federal regulations adopted pursuant to the Clean Air Act or Clean Water Act.

    (21) “Public meeting” means a meeting that is open to the public and recorded or transcribed, at which the Department shall provide basic information about the draft permit decision, an opportunity for questions to the applicant and the Department, and an opportunity for members of the public to submit oral and written comments.

    (22) “Secretary” means the Secretary of Natural Resources or designee.

    (23) “Technical review” means the application of scientific, engineering, or other professional expertise to the facts to determine whether activity for which a permit is requested meets the standards for issuing the permit under statute and rule. (Added 2015, No. 150 (Adj. Sess.), § 1, eff. Jan. 1, 2018; amended 2021, No. 170 (Adj. Sess.), § 10, eff. July 1, 2022.)