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The Vermont Statutes Online


Title 10 : Conservation and Development



(Cite as: 10 V.S.A. § 1416)
  • § 1416. Definitions

    As used in this subchapter:

    (1) "Farming" means farming as the term is defined in subdivision 6001(22) of this title.

    (2) "Groundwater" means water below the land surface, including springs.

    (3) "Person" means any individual, partnership, company, corporation, cooperative, association, unincorporated association, joint venture, trust, the State of Vermont, or any department, agency, subdivision, or municipality, the U.S. government or any department, agency, or subdivision, or any other legal or commercial entity.

    (4) "Spring" means a groundwater source where groundwater flows naturally to the surface of the earth and is collected with a developed structure that is designed to locate or extract groundwater.

    (5) "Surface water" means waters within the meaning of subdivision 1251(13) of this title.

    (6) "Water resources" means groundwater or surface water.

    (7) "Well" means any hole drilled, driven, bored, excavated, or created by similar method into the earth to locate, monitor, extract, or recharge groundwater where the water table or potentiometric surface is artificially lowered through pumping.

    (8) "Withdraw" or "withdrawal" means the intentional removal by any method or instrument of groundwater from a well, spring, or combination of wells or springs. (Added 2007, No. 199 (Adj. Sess.), § 2, eff. June 9, 2008.)