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Searching 2023-2024 Session

The Vermont Statutes Online

The Vermont Statutes Online have been updated to include the actions of the 2023 session of the General Assembly.

NOTE: The Vermont Statutes Online is an unofficial copy of the Vermont Statutes Annotated that is provided as a convenience.

Title 9 : Commerce and Trade

Chapter 137 : Residential Rental Agreements

Subchapter 004 : Campgrounds

(Cite as: 9 V.S.A. § 4473)
  • § 4473. Right to change locks; other security measures

    Notwithstanding any contrary provision of a rental agreement or of subchapter 2 of this chapter:

    (1) Subject to subdivision (2) of this subsection, a protected tenant may request that a landlord change the locks of a dwelling unit within 48 hours following the request:

    (A) based on a fear of imminent harm to any protected tenant due to abuse, sexual assault, or stalking; or

    (B) if any protected tenant was a victim of sexual assault that occurred on the premises within the six months preceding the date of his or her request.

    (2) If the perpetrator of abuse, sexual assault, or stalking is also a tenant in the dwelling unit, the protected tenant shall include with his or her request a copy of a court order that requires the perpetrator to leave the premises.

    (3) If the landlord changes the locks as requested, the landlord shall provide a key to the new locks to each tenant of the dwelling unit, not including the perpetrator of the abuse, sexual assault, or stalking who is subject to a court order to leave the premises.

    (4) If the landlord does not change the locks as requested, the protected tenant may change the locks without the landlord’s prior knowledge or permission, provided that the protected tenant shall:

    (A) ensure that the new locks, and the quality of the installation, equal or exceed the quality of the original;

    (B) notify the landlord of the change within 24 hours of installation; and

    (C) provide the landlord with a key to the new locks.

    (5) Unless otherwise agreed to by the parties, a protected tenant is responsible for the costs of installation of new locks pursuant to this section.

    (6)(A) A protected tenant may request permission of a landlord to install additional security measures on the premises, including a security system or security camera.

    (B) A protected tenant:

    (i) shall submit his or her request not less than seven days prior to installation;

    (ii) shall ensure the quality and safety of the security measures and of their installation;

    (iii) is responsible for the costs of installation and operation of the security measures; and

    (iv) is liable for damages resulting from installation.

    (C) A landlord shall not unreasonably refuse a protected tenant’s request to install additional security measures pursuant to this subdivision (6). (Added 2019, No. 48, § 2.)