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The Vermont Statutes Online


Title 8 : Banking and Insurance


(Cite as: 8 V.S.A. § 2232a)
  • § 2232a. Requirements regarding the borrower

    (a) Each licensed lender shall deliver to the borrower at the time any loan is made a statement showing in clear and distinct terms the amount and date of the loan and of its maturity, the nature of the security, if any, for the loan, the name and address of the borrower and of the licensee, and the agreed rate of charge.

    (b) Each licensed lender shall, in advance of any loan closing, deliver to each prospective borrower, based on the type of loan applied for, a full and accurate schedule of the charges to be made and the method of computing the same.

    (c) Each licensed lender or holder shall give to the borrower a plain and complete statement of all payments made on account of any such loan specifying the amount applied to finance charges and the amount, if any, applied to principal, and stating the unpaid principal balance, if any, of such loan. When payment is made, a licensee shall provide the borrower with a statement therefor within 30 days after the payment is received, or shall provide, on an annual basis, statements setting forth the information required herein. Each licensed lender or holder shall provide a transaction history of the loan to the borrower upon request.

    (d) Each licensed lender or holder shall permit payment to be made in advance without prepayment premium or penalty in any amount on any contract of loan at any time, but the licensee or holder may apply such payment first to all finance charges in full at the agreed rate up to the date of such payment.

    (e) Each licensed lender or holder shall, upon repayment of the loan in full, promptly mark indelibly every obligation and security signed by the borrower with the word "Paid" or "Canceled," and within 30 days release any mortgage, restore any pledge, cancel and return any note, record or file any necessary release or discharge, cancel and return any assignment given to the licensee by the borrower, and refund to the borrower, in accordance with rules adopted by the Commissioner any unearned portion of the premium for credit life or disability insurance if a premium for such insurance was disbursed on behalf of the borrower at the time the loan was originally made. The provisions of this subsection shall not affect the right of action created by 27 V.S.A. § 464.

    (f) This section shall not apply to commercial loans. (Amended 1979, No. 173 (Adj. Sess.), § 8, eff. April 30, 1980; 1981, No. 26, § 3; 1981, No. 89, § 7, eff. May 13, 1981; 1983, No. 35, §§ 7-9; 1995, No. 162 (Adj. Sess.), § 32, eff. Jan. 1, 1997; 2009, No. 29, § 1; 2015, No. 97 (Adj. Sess.), § 9.)