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The Vermont Statutes Online

NOTE: The Vermont Statutes Online is an unofficial copy of the Vermont Statutes Annotated that is provided as a convenience.

NOTE: The online version of the Vermont Statutes does NOT yet include the actions of the 2023 legislative session. The 2023 updates should be available by the end of October.

Title 7 : Alcoholic Beverages, Cannabis, and Tobacco

Chapter 040 : Tobacco Products

(Cite as: 7 V.S.A. § 1001)
  • § 1001. Definitions

    As used in this chapter:

    (1) “Board” means the Board of Liquor and Lottery.

    (2) “Commissioner” means the Commissioner of Liquor and Lottery.

    (3) “Tobacco products” means cigarettes, little cigars, roll-your-own tobacco, snuff, cigars, new smokeless tobacco, and other tobacco products as defined in 32 V.S.A. § 7702.

    (4) “Vending machine” means any mechanical, electronic, or other similar device that dispenses tobacco products for money.

    (5) “Tobacco license” means a license issued by the Division of Liquor Control under this chapter permitting the licensee to engage in the retail sale of tobacco products.

    (6) “Bidis” or “Beedies” means a product containing tobacco that is wrapped in temburni leaf (diospyros melanoxylon) or tendu leaf (diospyros exculpra), or any other product that is offered to, or purchased by, consumers as bidis or beedies.

    (7) “Tobacco paraphernalia” means any device used, intended for use, or designed for use in smoking, inhaling, ingesting, or otherwise introducing tobacco products into the human body, or for preparing tobacco for smoking, inhaling, ingesting, or otherwise introducing into the human body, including devices for holding tobacco, rolling paper, wraps, cigarette rolling machines, pipes, water pipes, carburetion devices, bongs, and hookahs.

    (8) “Tobacco substitute” means products, including electronic cigarettes or other electronic or battery-powered devices, that contain or are designed to deliver nicotine or other substances into the body through the inhalation of vapor and that have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for tobacco cessation or other medical purposes. Products that have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for tobacco cessation or other medical purposes shall not be considered to be tobacco substitutes. (Added 1991, No. 70, § 2, eff. May 1, 1992; amended 1999, No. 89 (Adj. Sess.), § 1; 2007, No. 114 (Adj. Sess.), § 3; 2011, No. 166 (Adj. Sess.), § 2; 2013, No. 14, § 1; 2013, No. 135 (Adj. Sess.), § 6; 2017, No. 113 (Adj. Sess.), § 42; 2018, No. 1 (Sp. Sess.), § 82; 2019, No. 14, § 9, eff. April 30, 2019; 2019, No. 28, § 3, eff. May 23, 2019.)