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The Vermont Statutes Online

The Vermont Statutes Online have been updated to include the actions of the 2023 session of the General Assembly.

NOTE: The Vermont Statutes Online is an unofficial copy of the Vermont Statutes Annotated that is provided as a convenience.

Title 3 Appendix : Executive Orders

Chapter 003 : Executive

(Cite as: 3 App. V.S.A. ch. 3, § 78)
  • Executive Order No. 3-78 (No. 03-17) [Governor’s Government Modernization and Efficiency Team]

    WHEREAS, Vermonters deserve modern government functions and operations which provide efficient, effective agency, department, and programmatic services now and into the future; and

    WHEREAS, a dedicated team of State operational professionals, and private sector business and technology leaders will enable the Governor and extended cabinet members to evaluate both public and private sector experience in successfully implementing modernization changes; and

    WHEREAS, continuous improvement will require the empowerment of State supervisors, managers, and employees to contribute to improved program results and process efficiencies.

    NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that I, Philip B. Scott, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor, do hereby create the Governor’s Government Modernization and Efficiency Team (“GMET”), as follows:

    I. Composition and Appointments.

    The GMET shall consist of not more than 12 members to be appointed by the Governor from inside and outside of State government. The State members shall include the Governor’s Chief Performance Officer who shall serve as the Chair, the Governor’s Chief Innovation Officer, the Governor’s Director of Affordability and Economic Growth Initiatives, and a classified employee of the State. Non-State members shall include leaders in information technology, telecommunications, accounting and finance, and management and system change. The GMET may, in its discretion, establish inter-agency working groups to support its mission, drawing membership from any agency or department of State government. The GMET may also, in its discretion, consult with private sector professionals outside of the GMET for information and advice on best practices.

    The GMET shall receive administrative and staff support from the Secretary of Administration.

    II. GMET Charge an Process.

    The GMET will be advisory to the Governor and the Secretary of Administration. The GMET shall meet at the call of the Chair, but not less frequently than quarterly. The focus of the GMET shall be to:

    A. Facilitate State agency and department efficiency audits;

    B. Strengthen strategic information technology (IT) planning;

    C. Develop a digital government strategy focused on Vermonters; and

    D. Identify and advise on opportunities to:

    a. Increase operational efficiency;

    b. Consolidate, streamline and automate services;

    c. Account for the true costs of IT projects;

    d. Eliminate waste;

    e. Prevent fraud and abuse; and

    f. Develop metrics to be used for purposes of outcomes-based-budgeting process.

    The GMET will annually report all recommendations to the Governor on or before July 1.

    The GMET will advise the Governor on the effectiveness of this Order on government modernization and efficiency.

    III. Effective Date.

    This Executive Order shall take effect upon execution.

    Dated January 5, 2017