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Title 24 Appendix: Municipal Charters


  • § 1 Corporate existence retained

    The inhabitants of the Town of Waitsfield, within the corporate limits as now established, shall constitute and continue to be a municipal corporation by the name of the Town of Waitsfield. (Added 2015, No. M-8, § 2, eff. May 18, 2015.)

  • § 2 General law application

    Except when changed, enlarged, or modified by the provisions of this charter, all provisions of the statutes of this State relating to municipalities shall apply to the Town. Prior acts or enactments of the Town shall not be affected by this charter, except as otherwise provided herein. (Added 2015, No. M-8, § 2, eff. May 18, 2015.)

  • § 3 Powers of the Town

    (a) The Town shall have all the powers granted to towns and municipal corporations by the Constitution and laws of this State together with all the implied powers necessary to carry into execution all the powers granted. The Town may enact ordinances not inconsistent with the Constitution, laws of the State, or with this charter.

    (b) In this charter, any mention of a particular power shall not be construed to be exclusive or to restrict the scope of the powers that the Town would have if the particular power were not mentioned. (Added 2015, No. M-8, § 2, eff. May 18, 2015.)

  • § 4 Elected officers

    (a) The elected officers of the Town shall be those required for towns by State law and they shall be elected by Australian ballot.

    (b) Elected officers shall comply with all applicable rules, policies, and ordinances of the Town, including any conflict of interest provisions contained therein. (Added 2015, No. M-8, § 2, eff. May 18, 2015.)

  • § 5 Appointed officers

    (a) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection 4(a) of this charter to the contrary, the Selectboard shall appoint the following officers to terms of not less than one year nor more than three years:

    (1) Town Clerk;

    (2) Town Treasurer;

    (3) all Town officers whose appointment is required by law.

    (b) The Selectboard may create and fill such other appointive offices, not provided for by this charter or otherwise required by law, as it believes best serve the interests of the Town.

    (c) Appointments shall be made for such terms as are established by law or, in the case of officers created by the Selectboard pursuant to subsection (b) of this section, annually.

    (d) The appointed Town Clerk and Town Treasurer shall be subject to the Town personnel policies and may be removed pursuant thereto. All other appointed officers may be removed as provided by law or, in the absence of an express provision addressing removal, by the Selectboard at any time. (Added 2015, No. M-8, § 2, eff. May 18, 2015.)

  • § 6 Severability

    The provisions of this charter are severable. If any portion or section shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remainder of this charter shall not be affected thereby and shall continue in full force and effect. (Added 2015, No. M-8, § 2, eff. May 18, 2015.)