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2019-2020 Session

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House Committee on Education (Room 31)

The House Committee on Education considers matters relating the educational needs of Vermonters, including the arts, libraries, and literary and scientific subjects; the amount of revenue required to satisfy the educational needs; and the manner of raising necessary revenue.

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Materials posted on this page are for informational purposes only and may not include all material received by the Committee. The Committee is not responsible for the accuracy of posted material, and posting does not represent approval or endorsement by the Committee or the Vermont General Assembly.

  • House Committtee on Education
  • Karen Taylor Mitchell
  • Governor's Institutes of Vermont - Postcard 2020/WorkGroups/House Education/Education Finance
  • Governor's Institutes of Vermont - Testimony 2020/WorkGroups/House Education/Education Finance
  • Quotes from 2018 Governor’s Institutes Graduates 2020/WorkGroups/House Education/Education Finance
  • Kathy Flanagan
  • Agency of Education FY21 Budget Presentation 2020/WorkGroups/House Education/Education Finance
  • Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Development Form 2020/WorkGroups/House Education/Education Finance
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  • Bills In House Committee on Education

    Bills that are currently in committee.

    Regular Session 2019-2020
    Bill Title Sponsor

    Bills Out of House Committee on Education

    Bills sponsored by the committee, and bills reported out of committee. Includes bills where the committee has been relieved of responsibility.

    Regular Session 2019-2020
    Bill Title Sponsor Act # Year

    Bills Referred to House Committee on Education

    Bills that were in committee at any time. Does not include bills sponsored by Committee.

    Regular Session 2019-2020
    Bill Title Sponsor Act # Year

    Bills Sponsored by House Committee on Education

    Regular Session 2019-2020

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    Legislative language and other materials posted on this page are subject to frequent change and may not reflect the Committee's most recent discussions or actions. Please check back often for updated materials.