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2021-2022 Session

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Representative Kate Donnally

Seat Number
(802) 828-2228
Mailing Address
115 State St., Montpelier, VT 05633-5301
KATE DONNALLY is a proud Vermonter, born and raised. This has always been central to Kate’s identity as an individual and a community member. While Kate was born in Vermont, being a Vermonter was never defined by birthplace, but rather a set of beliefs and values. From an early age, Kate was instilled with a keen awareness of her duty to care for her neighbors, particularly the most vulnerable; respect for the power of community; a deep connection and commitment to the beauty of her natural surroundings; and an unwavering belief that individuals and communities thrive when they have the tools and freedom to carve out their own identity, reflect their unique strengths, and maximize their potential.
Growing up in a low-income family, Kate experienced the essential impact of Vermont’s progressive policies early on. They allowed Kate to access safe educational programming, childcare, health care, and meals. This network of support allowed Kate to thrive and provided access to spaces she would not otherwise have had, ultimately preparing Kate for acceptance into Wellesley College, Vassar, and the many opportunities that followed.
These opportunities included living in Oregon and New York City; working alongside the houseless; serving at-risk youths and families; spending a season working and riding at Mount Bachelor in Bend; earning a master’s in social work from NYU; facilitating the integration of behavioral health care into primary care doctor’s offices in Vermont; opening a small business and therapeutic practice; playing an early leadership role in the creation of the Racial Equity Alliance of Lamoille; and, alongside her wife, fulfilling the dream of buying an old house and raising her children among the beautiful mountains of Vermont.
Kate’s worldview as a Vermonter has informed every choice that she has made. She is passionate about working towards a future where all who live in Vermont can have the opportunity to grow their own deep and abiding love for this great State. She is eager to connect with community members about any and all areas of interest or concern. Please reach out anytime. She will get back to you as soon as her shift ends as human-jungle-gym-for-small-children.

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