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Representative Elizabeth Burrows

Seat Number
(802) 828-2228
Mailing Address
115 State St., Montpelier, VT 05633-5301
ELIZABETH LEPRESTRE CORNELL BURROWS lives in West Windsor. She represents Windsor-1, which in addition to West Windsor, also includes Hartland and Windsor. She shares this responsibility with John Bartholomew of Hartland. Family history in the area dates back to Vermont’s earliest days. She, herself, traveled through most of this country and many others, with Windsor and West Windsor as lifelong grounding points, before settling in Vermont.
As Elizabeth Cornell, she attended Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin; as a part of her course of studies, Elizabeth wrote an ethnography of the homeless population in Seattle, Washington. Later, Elizabeth pursued graduate studies at the University of Chicago.
Elizabeth lived in Prague for several years, where she worked for a human rights organization focused on the Romani population, and founded Pozor magazine, which covered five countries and was circulated throughout central Europe and in the United States. Her political icons are Vaclav Havel, Kofi Annan, Desmond Tutu, and Nelson Mandela.
Between 1998 and 2008, Elizabeth lived in New York City and Austin, TX, held jobs in a variety of editorial capacities, and served as a hospice volunteer. Also during that decade, she met the man she almost immediately knew she would marry, Justin Burrows. They were married in 2008 in Brownsville, Vermont, and subsequently brought into this world two spirited boys.
Elizabeth has served on the local school board, and has alternated service as chair and member of the new Mount Ascutney School District board each year since its inception. Elizabeth has worked in her own way towards dismantling systemic racism and other exclusionary biases, beginning at our State’s schools. It was a powerful impetus in her running for the State House.
Elizabeth also has a passion for changing the State’s understanding of aging as a phase of life and not as categorically denoting infirmity. Elizabeth celebrates diversity of all sorts for its crucial benefits toward creativity and collaboration, and strives to institutionalize inclusion. She honors beauty and wisdom, tradition and evolution, freedom and unity.

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