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2017-2018 Session

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2007-2008 and Earlier Sessions

House Committee on Ways and Means (Room 34)

The House Committee on Ways & Means considers matters relating to the revenue of the state, and which shall inquire into the state of the treasury; ascertain the amount of debt due the state, and the claims against it; report the amount of taxes necessary to be raised for the support of the government and inquire what measures, if any, ought to be adopted, the better to equalize the public burdens, secure the accountability of public agents, and otherwise improve the financial concerns of the state, including all matters relating to taxation, local or otherwise and all matters relating to the grand list.

Bills In/Out of Committee

Bills In Committee

Bills that are in committee now.

2017-2018 Legislative Session
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Bills Out of Committee

Bills sponsored by the committee, and bills reported out of committee. Includes bills where the committee has been relieved of responsibility.

2017-2018 Legislative Session
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Bills Referred to Committee

Bills that were in committee at any time.

2017-2018 Legislative Session
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