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The Vermont Statutes Online

Title 24 Appendix : Municipal Charters

Chapter 105 : TOWN OF BERLIN


(Cite as: 24 App. V.S.A. ch. 105, § 51)
  • § 105-51. Town Administrator

    (a) There may be a Town Administrator appointed by a majority of the Selectboard who shall serve as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town. The position of Town Administrator may be a full or part-time position as determined by the Selectboard. The Town Administrator shall serve as described in his/her employment contract at the discretion of a majority of the Selectboard.

    (b) The duties of the Town Administrator shall be determined by the Selectboard and may include the following:

    (1) To carry out the decisions of the Selectboard;

    (2) To cause duties required of the Town not committed to the care of any particular officer to be duly performed and executed;

    (3) To perform all duties now conferred by law upon the Selectboard, except that the Town Administrator shall not make appointments, call special or annual meetings, act in any quasi-judicial capacity, make assessments, set fees, or grant waivers or exemptions;

    (4) To sign orders on the general fund of the Town for regular and necessary expenditures as established by the Selectboard;

    (5) To be General Purchasing Agent of the Town, according to the requisition of the various departments and offices; and to present budgets for the various departments and officers of the Town;

    (6) To have charge and supervision of all Town buildings and lands, equipment, tools, and other property, to keep the same in good repair, and to propose replacements or additions as needed to the Selectboard for its approval;

    (7) To supervise and expend all special appropriations of the Town not committed to any other officer, as if the same were a separate department of the Town;

    (8) To have oversight of the highway, police, and sewer departments, and all other administrative functions, except those exercised by other elected Town officers;

    (9) To act as liaison between the Selectboard and other Town officers, boards, commissions, and committees; and

    (10) To perform such other duties as required or requested by the Selectboard or the Sewer Board.