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Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (LCAR)




Room 10 and Zoom

June 27, 2024 Last Updated 6/26/2024 3:38 PM


10:05 AM                   24-P13 - Department of Health/Unused Drug Repository Rule

(Received 5/15/24) (LCAR's 45-day review period ends 6/29/24)  Rule posted here:  http://www.healthvermont.gov/about-us/laws-regulations/public-comment


Natalie Weill, Public Health Policy Advisor, Department of Health


10:25 AM                   24-P14 - Department of Health/Reportable and Communicable Diseases Rule

(Received 5/16/24) (LCAR's 45-day review period ends 6/30/24)  Rule posted here:  http://www.healthvermont.gov/about-us/laws-regulations/public-comment


Natalie Weill, Public Health Policy Advisor, Department of Health


10:45 AM                   24-P12 - Agency of Natural Resources/Aboveground Storage Tank Rules

(Received 5/21/24) (LCAR's 45-day review period ends 7/5/24)  Rule posted here:  https://dec.vermont.gov/waste-manaement/storage-tanks


Anna Bourakovsky, Hazardous Waste Program Manager, Agency of Natural Resources


11:05 AM                   24-P15 - Occupational Safety and Health Administration/Improved Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses

(Received 5/23/24) (LCAR's 45-day review period ends 7/7/24)  Rule posted here:  https://labor.vermont.gov/sites/labor/files/documents/1904%20Plain%20Text%20%281%29.pdg


Dan Whipple, VOSHA Program Manager, Department of Labor


11:25 AM                   23-P43 - Agency of Natural Resources/Vermont Emission Vehicle and Zero Emission Vehicle Rules

     Request for Extension of Adoption Deadline


Rachel Stevens, Associate General Counsel, Department of Environmental Conservation, Agency of Natural Resources


11:35 AM                   23-P44 - Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living

     Request for Extension of Adoption Deadline


Stuart Schurr, General Counsel, Department of Disabilities, Aging & Independent Living


11:45 AM                   Committee Discussion:  Review of Letters Regarding 22-P28/Vermont Residential Building Energy Standards (RBES)

Ben Civiletti, Special Counsel, Vermont Department of Public Service

Keith Levinson, Energy Program Specialist, Department of Public Service

Kelly Launder, Assistant Director Efficiency and Energy Resources Division, Department of Public Service

Barry Murphy, Energy Efficiency Program Specialist, Department of Public Service, Energy Planning and Resources Divison


If you have any questions or comments, please contact

 Charlene Dindo at charlene@leg.state.vt.us