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House Committee on Education




Room 9 and Zoom

April 16, 2024 - April 19, 2024

Last Updated 4/19/2024 12:11 PM


Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are livestreamed at


Tuesday, April 16, 2024

10:00 AM                   House Floor


After Floor                         Lunch and Caucuses


2:00 PM                   S. 187 - An act relating to student application of sunscreen


Brendan Atwood, Public Health Policy Director, Department of Health


2:09 PM                   Break


2:30 PM                   S. 191 - An act relating to New American educational grant opportunities

Testimony on the bill and amendment introduced by Representative Dodge

Wendy Koenig, Executive Director of Government Relations, University of Vermont

Drake Turner, Director of External and Governmental Affairs, Vermont State Colleges System

Patricia Turley, General Counsel, Vermont State College System


2:37 PM                   Adjourn


Wednesday, April 17, 2024

10:00 AM                   Yield Bill

Committee discussion


12:00 PM                   Lunch


1:00 PM                   House Floor


1:58 PM                   Yield Bill

Committee discussion


2:02 AM                   S. 120 - An act relating to postsecondary schools and sexual misconduct protections



2:15 PM                   S. 191 - An act relating to New American educational grant opportunities

Walk-through and committee discussion

Beth St. James, Legislative Counsel, Office of Legislative Counsel


2:30 PM                   Adjourn


Thursday, April 18, 2024

9:30 AM                   House Floor


After Floor                         Adjourn


Friday, April 19, 2024

9:24 AM                   Yield Bill

Committee discussion of House Appropriations amendment

Rep. Robin Scheu, Sponsor of amendment, House Committee on Appropriations


9:30 AM                   House Floor


10:30 AM                   S. 167 - An act relating to miscellaneous amendments to education law

Testimony on new language

Rosie Krueger, State Director of Child Nutrition, Agency of Education


10:53 AM                   Break


11:15 AM                   S. 204 - An act relating to supporting Vermont's young readers through evidence-based literacy instruction

H. Bud Meyers, Director, Lighthouse Evaluation


12:00 PM                   S. 191 - An act relating to New American educational grant opportunities



12:02 PM                   Adjourn




Please email handouts to the committee assistant at least 24 hours before your scheduled meeting time. With few exceptions, any documents you send to a committee assistant are open to the public and may be posted to the committee’s web page.


Should you require accessibility services, please click here and note that requests should be made 48 hours in advance of testimony.




If you have any questions or comments, please contact

 Annie Gianni at agianni@leg.state.vt.us