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Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (LCAR)




Room 11 and Zoom

December 14, 2023

Last Updated 12/12/2023 12:07 PM


Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are livestreamed at



10:00 A.M.                   Convene, Review, and Approve Minutes of November 30, 2023


10:05 AM                   23-P18 - Vermont Public Utility Commission/Rule 5.400 Petitions to Construct Electric and Gas Facilities Pursuant to 30 V.S.A. § 248

(received 11/1/23)  (LCAR's 45-day review period ends 12/16/23)  Rule posted here:  https://epuc.vermont.gov/?q=node/64/156798


John Cotter, Staff Attorney, Public Utility Commission


10:35 AM                   23-P19 - Vermont Public Utility Commission/5.100 Rule Pertaining to Construction and Operation of Net-Metering Systems (the "Net-Metering Rule")

(received 11/9/23) (LCAR's 45-day review period ends 12/26/23)  Rule posted here:  https://puc.vermont.gov/about-us/statutes-and-rules


Jake Marren, Staff Attorney, Public Utility Commission

Jonathan Dowds, Deputy Director, Renewable Energy Vermont

Stephen Crowley, Director, Vermont Community Solar Association

Billy Coster, Director of Policy and Planning, Agency of Natural Resources

Stephen Bushman, Citizen

Michelle Paya, Citizen

Marya Merriam, Citizen

Harris Roen, Licensed Forester, Long Meadow Resource Management LLC

James Antal, Citizen


11:15 AM                   23-P15 - 10 V.S.A. Appendix § 44, Furbearing Species

    Committee Discussion of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Board's

    Response to LCAR's Objections and Vote


Catherine Gjessing, General Counsel, Department of Fish & Wildlife


11:45 AM                   Review and Approval of In-Session Meeting Schedule


If you have any questions or comments, please contact

 Charlene Dindo at charlene@leg.state.vt.us