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Joint Legislative Justice Oversight Committee




Room 10 and Zoom

July 12, 2022

Last Updated 7/12/2022 3:17 PM


Meeting will be livestreamed here


10:00 AM                   S. 45 - An act relating to earned discharge from probation

Update on Mid Point Review

Nicholas Deml, Commissioner, Department of Corrections

Dale Crook, Director of Field Services, Department of Corrections


11:00 AM                   S. 3 - An act relating to competency to stand trial and insanity as a defense

Section 6 (Forensic Working Group)

Emily Hawes, Commissioner, Department of Mental Health

Samantha Sweet, Director of Mental Health Services, Department of Mental Health

Karen Barber, General Counsel, Department of Mental Health

Nicole DiStasio, Interim Policy Director, Department of Mental Health

Nicholas Deml, Commissioner, Department of Corrections

Stuart Schurr, General Counsel, Department of Disabilities, Aging & Independent Living


12:00 PM                   Lunch


1:00 PM                   S. 224 - An act relating to juvenile proceedings

Update  on plan for secure placements for 18 year old offenders

Update on secure treatments and aftercare for 12-17 year old offenders

Update on current 15 year old in Chittenden facility


Aryka Radke, Deputy Commissioner, Family Services Division, Department for Children and Families

Jennifer Myka, General Counsel, Department for Children and Families

Nicholas Deml, Commissioner, Department of Corrections

Joshua Rutherford, Director of Classification and Facility Designation, Department of Corrections


2:00 PM                   Restorative Justice Funding

Stephanie Barrett, Associate Fiscal Officer, Joint Fiscal Office

Derek Miodownik, Restorative and Community Justice Executive, Department of Corrections

Willa Farrell, Director, Court Diversion and Pre-Trial Services

Lindy Boudreau, Juvenile Justice Director, Department for Children and Families


3:00 PM                   Agenda Items for Future Meetings

Committee Discussion

Benjamin Novogroski, Legislative Counsel, Office of Legislative Counsel


3:00 PM                   Adjourn


If you have any questions or comments, please contact

 Peggy Delaney at pdelaney@leg.state.vt.us