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House Committee on Transportation




Room 43

January 14, 2020 - January 17, 2020

Last Updated 1/17/2020 12:05 PM


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

10:00 AM                   FLOOR


Immediately after Floor                   Party Caucuses


12:00 PM                   Lunch


1:00 PM                   Vehicle Feebate and Vehicle Incentive Funding Report

Costa Pappis, Policy and Planning Manager, Agency of Transportation

Daniel Dutcher, Senior Environmental Policy Manager, Agency of Transportation


1:45 PM                   Governor's FY2020  Proposed Budget Adjustment

Agency of Transportation


Lenny Leblanc, Chief Financial Officer, Agency of Transportation


2:30 PM                   Break


2:40 PM                   H. 565 - An act relating to requiring proof of financial responsibility at the time of registration


Rep. Theresa Wood, Sponsor


3:10 PM                   H. 657 - An act relating to the fuel tax and weatherization and to a motor fuel fee and electric vehicle incentives and town highway aid


Rep. Michael Yantachka, Sponsor


3:20 PM                   H. 632 - An act relating to the removal of the pilings of Bridge 308


Rep. Peter Anthony, Sponsor


4:00 PM                   Adjourn


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

9:00 AM                   Transportation Stormwater Overview

Jennifer Callahan, Stormwater Technician, Agency of Transportation

Craig DiGiammarino, Pollution Prevention and Compliance Program Manager, Agency of Transportation

Sue Scribner, Municipal Assistance Bureau, Director, Agency of Transportation


9:30 AM                   Clean Water Investment Report

Emily Bird, Program Manager, Clean Water Initiative, Department of Environmental Conservation

Sue Scribner, Municipal Assistance Bureau, Director, Agency of Transportation


10:30 AM                   Break


10:45 AM                   Automated Vehicle Inspection Program

Scott Davidson, Chief Inspector, Department of Motor Vehicles

Megan O'Toole, Staff Attorney, Department of Environmental Conservation, Air Quality and Climate Division

Emily Boedecker, Commissioner, Department of Environmental Conservation


12:00 PM                   Lunch


1:00 PM                   FLOOR


15 minutes after Floor                   H. 664 - An act relating to pedestrians on roadways


Rep. Thomas Terenzini, Sponsor


2:00 PM                   Automated Vehicles Testing Update

Joe Segale, Policy, Planning and Research Bureau Director, Agency of Transportation


2:30 PM                   Break


2:45 PM                   Strategic Highway Safety Plan/VT Highway Safety Alliance Update

Evelyn McFarlane, Safety Plan Coordinator, Agency of Transportation

Ann Gammell, Highway Division Deputy Director, Agency of Transportation

Ian Degutis, Traffic Operations Engineer, Agency of Transportation

Allison LaFlamme, Administrator, State Highway Safety Office - Behavioral Safety Unit

Colonel Jake Elovirta, Director of Enforcement and Safety, Department of Motor Vehicles

Mitchell Jay, Vice Chair, Vermont Highway Safety Alliance


4:00 PM                   Adjourn


Thursday, January 16, 2020

9:00 AM                   DMV 2020 Overview

Credentialing System

Commercial Vehicles Operations Replacement

Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window (CVIEW)

National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS)


Wanda Minoli, Commissioner, Department of Motor Vehicles

Captain Kevin Andrews, Chief of Safety, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit, Department of Motor Vehicles

Dave Evans, Chief of Driver Improvement, Department of Motor Vehicles

Jordan Villa, Project Coordinator, Department of Motor Vehicles


10:30 AM                   Break


10:45 AM                   DMV Miscellaneous Bill Overview

Wanda Minoli, Commissioner, Department of Motor Vehicles


11:15 AM                   Work Zone Safety

Michael Messier, ADA Traffic Control

Matt Musgrave, Government Affairs Director, Associated General Contractors of Vermont

Ken Pidgeon, Engineers Construction

Andrew Legault, Green Mountain Flagging


12:00 PM                   Lunch


1:00 PM                   FLOOR


15 minutes after Floor                   Amtrak Passenger Service: Burlington & Montreal Services

Dan Delabruere, Rail and Aviation, Director, Agency of Transportation

Michele Boomhower, Director, Policy, Planning & Intermodal Dev. Div., Agency of Transportation


2:00 PM                   Report on State Owned Railroad Line Between Montpelier and Barre

Dan Delabruere, Rail and Aviation, Director, Agency of Transportation


2:40 PM                   Break


2:50 PM                   Study on the Agency of Transportation's Use of Master License Agreements and Alternative Options

Dan Delabruere, Rail and Aviation, Director, Agency of Transportation

Mark Fitzgerald, Property Management Section Chief, Agency of Transportation


4:15 PM                   Revenue Briefing

Tom Kavet, Legislative Economist, Kavet, Rockler & Associates, LLC


Friday, January 17, 2020

9:30 AM                   FLOOR


15 minutes after Floor                   Transportation for Vermonters

Including TCI

Kate McCarthy, Sustainable Communities Program Director, VNRC, Transportation for Vermonters

Thomas Hughes, Climate Advocate, VPIRG

Robb Kidd, Conservation Program Manager, Sierra Club, Vermont Chapter


12:00 PM                   Adjourn


ATTENTION WITNESSES- Please email handouts to the committee assistant before your scheduled meeting date and bring two hard copies. Please write your name, organization, date and title on each document. With few exceptions, any documents you hand out to a committee, or send to a committee assistant, are open to the public and may be posted to the committee’s webpage.


When coming to this committee, please use unscented body and cosmetic products and refrain from using perfume, aftershave, or cologne.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact

 Lori Morse at 802-828-2262 or lmorse@leg.state.vt.us