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Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (LCAR)




Ethan Allen Room

July 11, 2019

Last Updated 7/10/2019 10:50 AM


10:00 A.M.                   Convene, Review, and Approve Minutes of June 20, 2019


10:05 AM                   18-P63 - Department of Corrections/Offender/Inmate Records and Access to Information

(received 6/7/19) (LCAR's 45-day review period ends 7/15/19)  Rule posted here:  http://corrections.vermont.gov/about/policies


Emily Carr, General Counssel, Department of Corrections


10:25 AM                   19-P26 - Department of Financial Regulation/Rule No. S-2016-01, Vermont Securities Regulations (Revised 2019)

(received 5/31/19) (LCAR's 45-day review period ends 7/15/19) Rule posted here:  http://www.dfr.vermont.gov/proposed-rules-and-regulations


William Carrigan, Deputy Commissioner of Securities, Department of Financial Regulation

Daniel Raddock, Assistant General Counsel, Department of Financial Regulation


10:40 AM                   19-P37 - Department of Financial Regulation/Medicare Supplement Insurance Minimum Standards Rule

(received 6/5/19) (LCAR's 45-day review period ends 7/20/19)  Rule posted here:  www.dfr.vermont.gov


Emily Brown, Director of Rates and Forms for Life and Health, Department of Financial Regulation


11:10 AM                   19-P17 - Vermont Public Utility Commission/Rule 5.300 Energy Efficiency Charge

(received 6/24/19) (LCAR's 45-day review period ends 8/8/19)  Rule posted here:  https://puc.vermont.gov/about-us/statutes-and-rules/proposed-changes-commission-rule-5300-energy-efficiency-charges


Elizabeth Schilling, Staff Attorney, Vermont Public Utility Commission

Thomas Knauer, Policy Director, Vermont Public Utility Commission


11:30 AM                   18-P66 - Department of Health/Chemicals of High Concern in Children's Products Rule

(received 6/20/19) (LCAR's 45-day review period ends 8/4/19)  Rule posted here:  http://www.healthvermontgov/about-us/laws-regulations/rules-and-regulations


David Englander, Senior Policy & Legal Advisor, Vermont Department of Health

William Driscoll, Vice President, Associated Industries of Vermont

Andrew Hackman, Lobbyist, Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association


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