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Senate Committee on Education




Room 28

March 19, 2019 - March 22, 2019

Last Updated 3/22/2019 10:59 AM


Tuesday, March 19, 2019

9:30 AM                   Senate Floor


1:30 PM                   Student Data Privacy

David Hall, Legislative Counsel, Office of Legislative Council

Ryan Krieger, Assistant Attorney General, Attorney General's Office

Charity Clark, Assistant Attorney General, Office of Vermont Attorney General


- -                                 School Nutrition Day

Anore Horton, Executive Director, Hunger Free Vermont

Heather Torrey, Assistant Director, Burlington School Food Project


- -                                 Governor's Appointments


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

1:00 PM                   Senate Floor


15 min after Floor                   Student Data Privacy

Committee discussion

David Hall, Legislative Counsel, Office of Legislative Council


- -                                 The Creation of a Tuition-Free Scholarship

Carlie Larrow, Student, Castleton University

Kendra Ross, Student, Castleton University

Ryan Heath, Student, Castleton University

Jeff Hazard, Student, Castleton University

Rowie Budde, Student, Castleton University

Stephanie Barrett, Associate Fiscal Officer, Joint Fiscal Office

Chloe Wexler, Fiscal Data Analyst, Joint Fiscal Office

Marilyn Cargill, Vice President, Financial Aid Services, Marketing and Research, Vermont Student Assistance Corporation

Tom Little, General Counsel, Vermont Student Assistance Corporation


Thursday, March 21, 2019

1:00 PM                   Senate Floor


15 min after Floor                   H. 140 - An act relating to the State Advisory Panel on Special Education

Introduction by sponsor, walk-through by legislative counsel, and witness testimony

Rep. Kathryn Webb, Sponsor

James DesMarais, Legislative Counsel, Office of Legislative Council

Troy McAllister, Chair, Special Education Advisory Council

Rachel Seelig, Staff Attorney, Vermont Legal Aid


Friday, March 22, 2019

11:30 AM                   Senate Floor


- -                                 The Senate Education Committee will not be meeting this afternoon


ATTENTION WITNESSES- Please email handouts to the committee assistant before your scheduled meeting date and bring 10 hard copies. Please write your name, organization, date and title on each document. With few exceptions, any documents you hand out to a committee, or send to a committee assistant, are open to the public and may be posted to the committee’s webpage.


If you have any questions and comments, please contact

 Jeannie Lowell at 802-828-3805 or jlowell@leg.state.vt.us