An act relating to removing regulatory barriers for working lands businesses

Sponsors: Rep. Katherine Sims , Rep. Matthew Birong, Rep. Lucy Boyden, Rep. Tesha Buss, Rep. Carl Demrow, Rep. Lisa Hango, Rep. Josie Leavitt, Rep. Jed Lipsky, Rep. Daniel Noyes, Rep. Kelly Pajala, Rep. Henry Pearl, Rep. Monique Priestley, Rep. Heather Surprenant, Rep. Terri Williams

Location: House Committee on Environment and Energy

Last Recorded Action: 2/29/2024 - Rep. Durfee of Shaftsbury moved to commit the resolution to the Committee on Environment and Energy, which was agreed to

Committee Activity - Witnesses Who Testified

Regular Session 2023-2024

House Committee on Agriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry
House Committee on Environment and Energy