H.89 (Act 31)

An act relating to limiting liability for agritourism

Sponsors: Rep. Michael Yantachka , Rep. Lynn Batchelor, Rep. Tiffany Bluemle, Rep. Erin Brady, Rep. Jessica Brumsted, Rep. R. Scott Campbell, Rep. Kevin Christie, Rep. Sara Coffey, Rep. Katherine "Kari" Dolan, Rep. Kenneth Goslant, Rep. Rodney Graham, Rep. James Gregoire, Rep. Lisa Hango, Rep. Mark Higley, Rep. Robert Hooper, Rep. Kathleen James, Rep. John Killacky, Rep. Paul Lefebvre, Rep. Samantha Lefebvre, Rep. Felisha Leffler, Rep. Marcia Martel, Rep. James McCullough, Rep. Leland Morgan, Rep. Michael Morgan, Rep. Michael Mrowicki, Rep. Terry Norris, Rep. Carol Ode, Rep. John Palasik, Rep. Avram Patt, Rep. Henry Pearl, Rep. Brian Savage, Rep. Heidi Scheuermann, Rep. Charles "Butch" Shaw, Rep. Katherine Sims, Rep. Brian Smith, Rep. Harvey Smith, Rep. Gabrielle Stebbins, Rep. Vicki Strong, Rep. Heather Surprenant, Rep. Maida Townsend, Rep. Joseph "Chip" Troiano, Rep. Tommy Walz, Rep. Kirk White, Rep. Theresa Wood

Last Recorded Action: 5/18/2021 - House message: Governor approved bill on <strong>May 17, 2021</strong>

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