H.683 (Act 172)

An act relating to the protection of migratory birds

Sponsors: Rep. Katherine "Kari" Dolan, Rep. Amy Sheldon , Rep. Peter Anthony, Rep. John Bartholomew, Rep. Christopher Bates, Rep. Jessica Brumsted, Rep. R. Scott Campbell, Rep. James Carroll, Rep. Sara Coffey, Rep. Harold "Hal" Colston, Rep. David Durfee, Rep. Charen Fegard, Rep. Matthew Hill, Rep. Philip "Jay" Hooper, Rep. Robert Hooper, Rep. Kathleen James, Rep. Stephanie Jerome, Rep. John Killacky, Rep. Martin LaLonde, Rep. Paul Lefebvre, Rep. James McCullough, Rep. Leland Morgan, Rep. John O'Brien, Rep. Carol Ode, Rep. Carolyn Partridge, Rep. Barbara Rachelson, Rep. Zachariah Ralph Watson, Rep. Robin Scheu, Rep. Trevor Squirrell, Rep. George Till, Rep. Maida Townsend, Rep. Tommy Walz, Rep. Kathryn Webb, Rep. Rebecca White, Rep. Michael Yantachka

Last Recorded Action: 9/25/2020 - House message: Governor approved bill on <strong>October 8, 2020</strong>

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Regular Session 2019-2020

House Committee on Natural Resources, Fish, and Wildlife
Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy