H.47 (Act 28)

An act relating to the taxation of electronic cigarettes

Sponsors: Rep. George Till , Rep. John Bartholomew, Rep. R. Scott Campbell, Rep. James Carroll, Rep. Annmarie Christensen, Rep. Sara Coffey, Rep. Mari Cordes, Rep. Nader Hashim, Rep. John Killacky, Rep. Warren Kitzmiller, Rep. Emilie Kornheiser, Rep. Martin LaLonde, Rep. Terence Macaig, Rep. Michael McCarthy, Rep. William Notte, Rep. Jean O'Sullivan, Rep. Ann Pugh, Rep. Robin Scheu, Rep. Trevor Squirrell, Rep. Randall Szott, Rep. Maida Townsend, Rep. Joseph "Chip" Troiano, Rep. Tommy Walz, Rep. David Yacovone, Rep. Michael Yantachka

Last Recorded Action: 5/24/2019 - House message: Governor approved bill on <strong>May 23, 2019</strong>

Fiscal Information

Regular Session 2019-2020

No fiscal documents found for H.47 in the Regular Session 2019-2020.