An act relating to approval of an amendment to the charter of the City of Burlington regarding police confiscation of deadly or dangerous weapons

Sponsors: Rep. Joanna Cole , Rep. Clement Bissonnette, Rep. Johannah Donovan, Rep. Jill Krowinski, Rep. Curtis McCormack, Rep. Jean O'Sullivan, Rep. Christopher Pearson, Rep. Barbara Rachelson, Rep. Kesha Ram, Rep. Mary Sullivan, Rep. Kurt Wright, Rep. Diana Gonzalez, Rep. Steven Berry, Rep. Mollie Burke, Rep. Stephen Carr, Rep. Rachael Fields, Rep. William Frank, Rep. Patsy French, Rep. Warren Kitzmiller, Rep. Gabrielle Lucke, Rep. James Masland, Rep. James McCullough, Rep. Alice Miller, Rep. Michael Mrowicki, Rep. Marjorie Ryerson, Rep. Thomas Stevens, Rep. George Till, Rep. Tommy Walz, Rep. Michael Yantachka, Rep. Alison Clarkson

Location: House Committee on Government Operations

Last Recorded Action: 1/15/2016 - Read First Time and Referred to the Committee on Government Operations

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2015 - 2016 Legislative Session

Erik FitzPatrick