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Act No. 171 (H.559). Health; health insurance; health benefit exchange; Green Mountain Care board; certificate of need; medical malpractice; prescription drugs; Blueprint for Health; Medicaid; Medicaid waiver

Also see: Conservation and Land Development; Act No. 163 (S.183); An act relating to the testing of potable water supplies

Also see: Education; Act No. 151 (S.245); An act relating to requiring cardiovascular care instruction in public and independent schools

Also see: Human Services; Act No. 79 (H.630); An act relating to reforming Vermont's mental health system

Also see: Human Services; Act No. 86 (H.760); An act relating to lowering to 16 the age of consent for blood donation

Also see: Human Services; Act No. 132 (S.89); An act relating to organ and tissue donation and Medicaid for Working Persons with Disabilities

Also see: Insurance; Act No. 120 (S.222); An act relating to cost-sharing for employer-sponsored insurance assistance

Also see: Insurance; Act No. 158 (S.223); An act relating to health insurance coverage for early childhood developmental disorders, including autism spectrum disorders

Also see: Municipal Government; Act No. 155 (S.106); An act relating to miscellaneous changes to municipal government law, to internal financial controls, to the management of search and rescue operations, and to emergency medical services